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The mission of Houston High School is to maintain high academic standards by challenging students to master skills that will enable them to become productive members of society.

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All-SW Senior High Honor Choir Results

Congratulations to the 37 students below for making the All-Southwest Senior High Honor Choir.  This again sets a record for the number of Houston High School students in the Honor Choir.  It is also the highest number of students from any school. An astonishing 44% of the students who auditioned for the choir made it.  Over 15% of the entire choir will consist of Houston High School Students. 

ChairVoice PartFirst NameLast NameGrade

015-All-Southwest Honor Choir25-1st Soprano Caroline Phillips-Burk Houston High School-09

020-All-Southwest Honor Choir25-1st Soprano Caroline Pillow Houston High School-09

022-All-Southwest Honor Choir25-1st Soprano Amber Legenzoff Houston High School-10

010-All-Southwest Honor Choir26-2nd Soprano Olivia Sistrunk Houston High School-12

016-All-Southwest Honor Choir26-2nd Soprano Mary Herrington Houston High School-10

017-All-Southwest Honor Choir26-2nd Soprano Rachelle Mitchell Houston High School-11

018-All-Southwest Honor Choir26-2nd  Soprano Jenna Crist Houston High School-10

006-All-Southwest Honor Choir27-1st Alto Kelsey Taylor Houston High School-12

007-All-Southwest Honor Choir27-1st Alto Sarah Spain Houston High School-11

010-All-Southwest Honor Choir27-1st Alto Emma Scott Houston High School-12

015-All-Southwest Honor Choir27-1st Alto Kailee Sharpe Houston High School-11

016-All-Southwest Honor Choir27-1st Alto Claire Jordan Houston High School-12

019-All-Southwest Honor Choir27-1st Alto Emily Ryu Houston High School-10

021-All-Southwest Honor Choir27-1st Alto Katherine Hoover Houston High School-09

022-All-Southwest Honor Choir27-1st Alto Regan Schutt Houston High School-10

029-All-Southwest Honor Choir27-1st Alto Morgan Williams Houston High School-10

004-All-Southwest Honor Choir28-2nd Alto Sarah Jordan Houston High School-11

008-All-Southwest Honor Choir28-2nd Alto Sarah Dillon Houston High School-12

010-All-Southwest Honor Choir28-2nd Alto Taylor Stumph Houston High School-12

014-All-Southwest Honor Choir28-2nd Alto Abigail Myers Houston High School-11

018-All-Southwest Honor Choir28-2nd Alto Rebecca Byrd Houston High School-12

020-All-Southwest Honor Choir28-2nd Alto Asavari Shanker Houston High School-09

033-All-Southwest Honor Choir28-2nd Alto Grace McKinney Houston High School-10

010-All-Southwest Honor Choir29-1st Tenor Cameron Gibson Houston High School-11

015-All-Southwest Honor Choir29-1st Tenor Josh Moon Houston High School-11

022-All-Southwest Honor Choir29-1st Tenor John Thomas Houston High School-10

023-All-Southwest Honor Choir29-1st Tenor Ben Williams Houston High School-11

005-All-Southwest Honor Choir30-2nd Tenor Samuel Perry Houston High School-10

006-All-Southwest Honor Choir30-2nd Tenor Drew Taylor Houston High School-10

007-All-Southwest Honor Choir30-2nd Tenor Nicholas Robinson Houston High School-12

010-All-Southwest Honor Choir30-2nd Tenor Dennis Chang Houston High School-11

023-All-Southwest Honor Choir30-2nd Tenor Marcus Bronson Houston High School-12

004-All-Southwest Honor Choir31-1st Bass Will Lowery Houston High School-12

011-All-Southwest Honor Choir31-1st Bass Adam Porter Houston High School-10

019-All-Southwest Honor Choir31-1st Bass Chase Dahl Houston High School-11

007-All-Southwest Honor Choir32-2nd Bass Jeffrey Cochran Houston High School-12

023-All-Southwest Honor Choir32-2nd Bass Timothy Marsh Houston High School-12

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