WTVMEA All-State Audition Information

Audition Spots


  1. Intro begins m 25:   

  2. A2 and T2 begin singing 4th beat of m 25

  3. S2 begin 2nd beat of m 26

  4. T1 begin singing 4th beat of m 26

  5. A1 begin singing 1st beat of m 27

  6. B1 and B2 begin singing 2nd beat of m 27

  7. S1 begin singing 1st beat of  m 28

  8. Continue singing through 1st beat of m 32

Where Your Bare Foot Walks:

  1. Intro begins m 59  Sing m 61-69

Audition Track

  1. WTVMEA All-State Audition 2015.mp3

Audition Times (December 5)

  1. HHS WTAS Times by School 2015.pdf

Audition Location

  1. Location: Trinity Christian School

  2. Address: 10 Windy City Rd, Jackson, TN 38305

  3. Phone: (731) 668-8500


HHS Mission Statement

The mission of Houston High School is to maintain high academic standards by challenging students to master skills that will enable them to become productive members of society.

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